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Agendas/Minutes/Board Decisions
September 17, 2012
DC Public Charter School Board
Board Meeting Agenda
3333 14th St., NW 2nd FL
Conference Room
Washington, DC 20010
September 17, 2012
7:30 PM

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 Time Item
  Public Hearing
 7:30  Public Hearing on Proposed Board Policies
  • Updating the Language on PCSB Monitoring of Schools

 Receive Public
   Public Meeting
 7:45  Approval of the Agenda
 7:46  Approval of the Minutes
  • Board Meeting -August 20, 2012
 7:47 Administrative Committee
  • Contracts over $25, 000
Accepted into the
 7:50  Public Comment
 No Action
 Request for a Charter Amendment
  • The Next Step Public Charter School - Change Ages Served
  • The Next Step Public Charter School - Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Paul Public Charter School
 8:20 Notification of a Charter Amendment to Curriculum
  • Friendship Public Charter School
Notice of Concern
  • William E. Doar, Jr. School of the Performing Arts Public Charter School
 8:40  Approval to Open Public Comment Period on Proposed Board Policies/Documents
  • Adult Education Performance Management Framework
Policy Votes
  • Early Childhood Performance Management Framework
  • New Charter Startup Guidelines and Board Proposal
  • Charter Renewal Guidelines and Board Proposal
 9:05 Public Comment
 No Action