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Agendas/Minutes/Board Decisions
July 16, 2012
Board Decisions
  • Accepted the review report of contracts over $25,000
  • Agenda items read into the record:
    • IDEA PCS's Restructuring Team Report and Findings
    • Notification to open a new location for Inspired Teaching and Demonstration PCS, National Collegiate PCS, Options PCS, Maya Angelou PCS (Adult Learning Center)
  • Approved requests for enrollment ceilings for:
    • AppleTree Early Learning PCS
    • Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS
  • Lifted Notice of Concern regarding data submission for:
    • Paul PCS
    • Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS
  • Opened public comment period for the following proposed board policies
    • School, Campus, Facility Policy [view proposed policy here]
    • Update Language in PCSB's Operations (Policies & Procedures Manual) Manual regarding Authorizers' Oversight Information System (AOIS), Performance Management Framework (PMF) and Program Development Review (PDR)'s [view proposed policy here]
  • Approved the following Board policies:
    • FERPA Policy [view approved policy here]
    • Enrollment Ceiling Increase Policy [view approved policy here]