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March 12, 2012
D.C. Public Charter School Board Emergency 
Board Meeting Minutes 3333 14th St, NW Suite 210 
Washington, DC 20010 
 March 12, 2012 6:30pm 

 Board Members in attendance:
 Mr. Brian Jones (Chair); Mr. John “Skip” McKoy; Mr. Don Soifer; Ms. Emily Bloomfield (via teleconference); Ms. Sara Mead; Mr. Scott Pearson (ex-officio) Mr. Brian Jones called the public meeting to order at 6:39pm

Acknowledgement of Public Officials
No elected officials were present.

School Oversight Committee- Candidate for Charter Revocation- Community Academy Public Charter School (CAPCS)
Representatives: Kent Amos, Founder and CEO; Shelly Rollins, Board Chair; Brenda Bethea, Director of Monitoring and Compliance; Scott Bolden, Attorney Ms Kimberly Worthington from Staff introduced the matter before the Board. She stated that on February 27, 2012, the D.C. Public Charter School Board (“PCSB”) voted to accept The Community Academy Public Charter School (“CAPCS”)’s decision to shut down the Rand campus and delayed its vote on the proposed revocation of its charter pending the receipt of an acceptable transition plan for the closure. She went on to say that on March 9, 2012, CAPCS submitted a transition plan regarding the closure of the Rand campus. The transition plan submitted by CAPCS addresses the PCSB’s concerns about the composition and number of students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the remaining CAPCS campuses and the use of the Rand facilities to benefit most the students and families who choose to remain within the CAPCS school system.

Ms. Kimberly Worthington recommended that PCSB vote not to revoke the CAPCS charter and advised that the PCSB work closely with CAPCS to resolve its academic, governance, and health/safety concerns at the charter school’s remaining campuses. Lastly, she recommended the PCSB closely monitor the academic performance at the Amos III campus, a campus currently in Tier III.

Mr. Brian Jones began by thanking CAPCS for the effort and time and patience as we’ve all gone through this process. It has been lengthy and involved and he appreciates the spirit in which they have conducted themselves. He said that the Board was pleased to receive the plan from CAPCS on Friday of last week. Mr. Brian Jones went on to say that his understanding is that the Board has accepted the closure of the Rand campus, but that CAPCS has a lease on the Rand facility and there is an interest in maintaining that facility for use of other components of the school’s system and that the Board is interested in working with CAPCS as that develops. He added that what brought us here was our concern that we wanted to make sure we saw a true closure of the Rand campus, and that is what we believe the plan you submitted to us truly reflects. The principal concern had been that there was not an overlap of staff and faculty from the closed school to whomever you place in that facility. We look forward to working with you as that is realized. The Board realizes that you may be serving some of the same students and we are comfortable with that.

Mr. Brian Jones also noted that as pleased as the Board is that this has ended, this is not the last of us and you. CAPCS has a charter review this summer and we are focused on the performance on all the schools in your portfolio and pleased that you received your Tier 1 badge for your Butler campus. You have other schools in Tier 3 and we want to work with you on that.

Mr. Brian Jones asked the Board if they have any questions or comments.

Mr. Skip McKoy extended his congratulations to CAPCS for working through a difficult situation and said that he thinks that the kids and parents will be the beneficiaries. He added by saying that as the Chair said we have some things we need to improve but the model is already out there in your Tier 1 schools. Close this chapter and move onto the next Mr. Kent Amos said that the plan that was offered was a collaborative effort from Board and Staff and that the principal architect was Ms. Brenda Bethea. He added that our new chair picked up the ball and ran with it and that staff worked real hard at it. He went on to say that as I told Brenda, you snookered me, I know you did, but we all have to give some. This plan is workable goal.

Mr. Brian Jones said he appreciates that give, and that it is what has gotten us to where we are today. Mr. Brian Jones said in terms of detail today they will be voting on revocation and following the vote today there will be a formal written decision to which we will append CAPCS’s transition plan. He added that he knows CAPCS has not briefed their community on their plan so the Board will give them some time to do so. Mr. Kent Amos said that he appreciates that. It has been an energized and elongated process. We are pressed in telling our parents and staff what to do. Mr. Brian Jones asked for questions and entertained a motion.

Mr. Skip McKoy moved to not revoke, and Mr. Don Soifer seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Brian Jones exercised Dr. Darren Woodruff’s proxy vote.

Public Comment

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm