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How to Address Complaints and Concerns
Parents and community members who have concerns or unresolved issues with public charter schools should:  

   Contact the School's Leadership

Parents or community members should first attempt to address their concerns with the established leadership within the school. Teachers and administrative staff can help identify the appropriate school leader.

    Contact the School's Board of Trustees

If the leaders within the school are unresponsive, parents should address their concerns with the school's Board of Trustees. If the school does not provide the contact information for the Board chair or parent representative, that information may be obtained from the PCSB.

If the school's Trustee Board is unresponsive, the parent/community member should complete this form (same form as above) and then contact PCSB. Parents will be asked to submit documents (notes from conversations, emails, correspondence) of their communications with school leaders and the Board of Trustees. PCSB staff will immediately contact the school to get input from the appropriate school personnel, and will determine if further action is required. PCSB staff will inform the parent or community member of the outcome.  
PCSB considers community support and input vital to public charter school accountability and success. Every communication with parents and community members regarding PCSB-authorized charter schools is addressed, and is logged for future reference and allows for follow up as needed.   Email concerns to .