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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pahara Institute Names Executive Director Scott Pearson as Education Fellow


PCSB's Executive Director Scott Pearson was named a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow, a highly selective program designed to support innovative leaders who are doing exceptional work in transforming public education.  

Pearson is the first PCSB Executive Director to receive this prestigious honor, which recognizes his leadership and commitment to creating innovative solutions and defining new ways to provide an equitable and excellent education for students and adult learners in DC.  

He joins 23 other accomplished leaders in the Fall 2014 cohort of fellows.

Since joining PCSB in 2012, Pearson has implemented significant reforms in how the Board approves and oversees public charter schools, making it a national model for charter school authorizing.  Under his leadership, PCSB has pioneered new strategies, tough and rigorous oversight, and best practices that other authorizers around the nation are adopting. With 61 schools on 112 campuses, Washington, DC now has a network of outstanding public charter schools, offering families quality and diverse educational choices.  

“Achieving excellence and equity in our public schools requires leaders who think creatively, act boldly, and work to bring people together to ensure that a quality public education is available for every one of our children,” said Kim Smith, Pahara Institute Founder and CEO.  “The exceptional leaders in this new cohort of Pahara-Aspen Fellows are using diverse and innovative approaches to making sure high quality learning opportunities are available for all of our children. We are so pleased to be able to support them in their tireless service on behalf of our young people and communities.”

The Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship is a two-year, cohort-based program that identifies innovative leaders in the educational excellence and equity movement, facilitates their dynamic growth, and strengthens their collective efforts to dramatically improve public schools, especially for low-income children and communities. 

The Fellowship is a partnership between the Pahara and Aspen Institutes.  Pahara-Aspen Fellows become part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, which currently includes nearly 1800 Fellows from 46 countries who are collectively making tremendous positive change in the world. 

Past Fellows include: Abigail Smith, Deputy Mayor for Education; Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DC Public Schools; Allison Fansler,  President & Chief Operating Officer, KIPP DC; Emily Lawson, Founder, DC Prep PCS; Jessica Cunningham, Principal, KIPP DC - College Prep PCS; Jennifer Niles, Founder, E.L. Haynes PCS; Preston Smith, Founder, Rocketship Education.   

Congratulations, Scott!  

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