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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Farewell and Best Wishes to Our Summer Interns

As summer comes to an end, we want to take a moment and thank our summer interns for all their hard work and dedication during their time with us.

This summer, we were fortunate to have, from left to right, Michelle Jean-Baptiste (a student at Howard Law School), Diana Villatoro (an undergraduate at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Capital City PCS alumna), Vince Lampone (a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School), Anna Powell (a graduate of Princeton University), Michelle Sczpanski (an undergraduate at Syracuse University), and Amelia Moorestein (a graduate of Georgetown Law Center) working alongside our staff. Emanee Baylor (not pictured, a student at Cesar Chavez PCS for Public Policy – Capitol Hill) also joined PCSB for a few weeks.

The DC Public Charter School Board’s Internship Program offers undergrads, grad students, and recent graduates an opportunity to participate in the burgeoning charter school system of Washington, DC. Interns can apply for any team at PCSB, from Communications, Data Management and Analysis to Human Capital. Through their contributions to PCSB’s work as an authorizing body and support system for the District’s public charter schools, interns gain firsthand understanding of the public education system in DC. This knowledge, combined with professional experience, creates an opportunity to own part of the exciting and important work of PCSB.

Anna Powell, a Human Capital intern, had this to say about her internship experience:

“As a summer intern, I have felt privileged to be a part of the Human Capital team. Not only does my supervisor support me in pursuing meaningful projects, but she also offers me thoughtful professional guidance. As I look forward to grad school, I have an enriched perspective of the education landscape in a dynamic city like Washington. I also value the insight I have gained into the types of jobs available at an organization like PCSB. My internship has thus not only been an important learning experience, but it has also helped me as a young professional to begin discovering how my interests and strengths can lead to a meaningful career in education. “

The entire PCSB staff was impressed by their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment that each intern displayed over the past months.

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