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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Four New Charter Schools Open Their Doors For the First Time This School Year

This school year four new charter schools will open their doors for the first time ever as a DC public charter school, after applying and receiving approval from PCSB in 2012. 

  • Sela PCS, located at 6015-17 Chillum Place, NE, is the District’s first Hebrew-English dual language immersion school  – joining French, Spanish and Chinese as dual language study options offered in DC public charter schools. Located in Ward 4, Sela seeks to equip students from across the city with the skills to be culturally multi-literate. It opens Monday August 26 with PK4 through 1st grade, and offers free before- and after-school programs for all students.  
  • Somerset Prep DC PCS, located at 3301 Wheeler Road SE in Ward 8, is the first DC school opened by Florida’s Somerset Academy, Inc., a national non-profit charter school management organization, with Florida’s Academica providing educational support and services. Its mission is to offer an academically rigorous and engaging curriculum to middle and high school students. It opens Monday August 26 with grades 6 to 8.  “We are very excited for the opportunity to be here in DC and serving the youth of Ward 8,” says incoming Principal James A. Griffin. “Go Bulldogs!”
  • Ingenuity Prep PCS, located at 4600 Livingston Road SE in Ward 8, opened August 14 to serve grades PK3 to Kindergarten.  With looping teams of content-specialized teachers and a blended learning model, the school's educational program – which will eventually go to 8th grade – prepares students for success in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders.  "We're aiming for our founding cohort of students to be the next generation of great DC civic leaders," said Head of School Aaron Cuny. "With this, we have an ambitious vision for the quality of education we'll provide our students, and we're excited to be working in partnership with our families to make that vision a reality."
  • Community College Preparatory Academy PCS, located at 2405 Martin Luther King Avenue SE in Ward 8, is dedicated to providing the education and skills development that will empower and prepare under-credited adults for postsecondary education success, viable employment and lifelong learning. It will open September 16 with 150 adult students. "I am both pleased and encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response that I have received from both community and Ward 8 leadership,” says founding Executive Director Connie Spinner. “Residents seem to view our mission as a very unique public response to the major workforce development challenge of adults in the Ward.”
With the opening of four new schools the charter sector now has 60 schools on 108 campuses.  

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

It’s the Official First Day of School, Mayor Gray to Visit Charter Schools

Today is the official first day of school in DC. Mayor Gray is kicking off his day with Back to School tours at Sela PCS at 8:15 a.m. 

PCSB Board Member Darren Woodruff, the Deputy Mayor for Education Abigail Smith and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Browser will also be present to welcome students and families to the first day of school at Sela PCS

This afternoon, the Mayor will visit DC Scholars located at 5601 East Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20019 in Ward 8 at 1:30 p.m. and Achievement Prep Elementary located at 1500 Mississippi Ave in Ward 8 at 2:30 p.m. 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School: List of Start Dates for DC Public Charter Schools

Public Charter School (PCS) First Day of School
*New charter school opening for the first time
KIPP College Prep PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP AIM PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP Discover Academy PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP Grow PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP Heights PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP KEY PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP LEAD PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP LEAP PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP Promise PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP WILL PCS 7/9/2013
KIPP Connect PCS 8/5/2013
KIPP Spring PCS 8/5/2013
EL Haynes PCS 8/12/2013
*Ingenuity Prep PCS 8/14/2013
AppleTree PCS 8/19/2013
Excel Academy PCS 8/20/2013
Imagine Hope Community PCS 8/19/2013
Ideal Academy PCS 8/19/2013
Imagine Southeast PCS 8/19/2013
Potomac Lighthouse PCS 8/19/2013
Tree of Life PCS 8/19/2013
Paul PCS (Midde School) 8/20/2013
Eagle Academy PCS 8/21/2013
Achievement Prep Academy PCS 8/26/2013
BASIS DC PCS 8/26/2013
Bridges PCS 8/26/2013
Cedar Tree Academy PCS 8/26/2013
Center City PCS 8/26/2013
César Chávez PCS for Public Policy 8/26/2013
Community Academy PCS 8/26/2013
Creative Minds International PCS 8/26/2013
DC Bilingual PCS 8/26/2013
DC Prep PCS 8/26/2013
DC Scholars PCS 8/26/2013
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS 8/26/2013
Early Childhood Academy PCS 8/26/2013
Friendship PCS 8/26/2013
Hospitality PCS 8/26/2013
Howard University Middle School for Math and Science PCS 8/26/2013
IDEA PCS 8/26/2013
Maya Angelou PCS 8/26/2013
Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS 8/26/2013
Options PCS 8/26/2013
Paul PCS (High School) 8/26/2013
Perry Street Prep PCS 8/26/2013
Richard Wright PCS for Journalism and Media Arts 8/26/2013
*Sela PCS 8/26/2013
Shining Stars Montessori Academy PCS 8/26/2013
*Somerset Prep DC PCS 8/26/2013
St. Coletta Special Education PCS 8/26/2013
Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS 8/26/2013
Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School 8/26/2013
Washington Yu Ying PCS 8/26/2013
William Doar Jr. PCS for the Performing Arts 8/26/2013
Booker T. Washington PCS 8/26/2013
Inspired Teaching PCS 8/27/2013
Briya PCS 8/28/2013
Capital City PCS 8/28/2013
National Collegiate Prep Public Charter High School 8/28/2013
Arts and Technology Academy PCS 9/3/2013
Carlos Rosario International PCS 9/3/2013
LAMB PCS 9/3/2013
Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS 9/3/2013
Roots PCS 9/3/2013
SEED PCS of Washington, DC 9/3/2013
Two Rivers PCS 9/3/2013
Washington Latin PCS 9/3/2013
LAYC Career Academy PCS 9/9/2013
YouthBuild PCS 9/9/2013
The Next Step/El Próximo Páso PCS 9/10/2013
*Community College Preparatory Academy PCS 9/16/2013
Meridian PCS 8/26/2013

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