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Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School: BASIS DC, a new charter school

The new school year starts soon and four new charter schools are opening up this year: BASIS DCCreative Minds InternationalDC Scholars and LAYC Career Academy. This is the first in a series of posts about these brand new charter schools so you can learn more about them.


Image: The front doors of BASIS DC, one of four new charter schools opening
this year (Courtesy of Highmark

As BASIS DC prepares to open their new school on August 27, in Ward 2, the school is abuzz with putting the finishing touches on their new digs at 412 8th Street, NW. The school plans to offer what it describes as a rigorous liberal arts college preparatory education to DC middle and high school students.

"I hope students leave the first day wanting to come back for more," said Principal Paul Morrissey.

Morrisey said that students from all over the city have enrolled in grades 5-8 (the school plans to eventually expand to 12th grade).  Morrisey said this summer BASIS DC is offering early start programs to help students get a head start. One program offers extra help with math and reading and the other helps students with organization skills such as note taking and study habits.

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